The Rammed Earth House is a custom home nestled in the hills of Cambria and sheltered from view by the surrounding oak trees. The house features a 28-foot tapered poured-in-place concrete tower, which supports the large curved glue-laminated beams that compose the main structure, and acts as a chimney stack to extract unwanted heat on warm days. The rammed earth walls have a similar texture to the surrounding earth, and serve to stabilize the home's temperature by increasing the thermal mass.


The house received TCP's 2011 GreenSite Award




The Korlandia Gridshell is a timber gridshell residence currently under construction in Cayucos, California. The roof structure is built up from layers of 2x4 engineered lumber and spans over 50 feet. By integrating highly precise surveys and robotic construction methods, the team was able to streamline the process of fabricating and implementing unique parts. The shell is made of over 10,000 unique pieces that were parametrically updated throughout construction and milled on a customized 60’ long CNC router located on site. Check out the status of the project below!




The Hollywood Hills House is a single family residence which draws structural inspiration from the umbrella-like canopies of mushrooms. A stepped array of roofs hang in tension from a central steel element, providing protection from the sun while maintaining the views from the spaces beneath. A winding pathway connects the house with the garage below, and further embeds the house into the hillside.



The Oxnard Condos is two unit development featuring an undulating rainscreen that also serves as a sun shading device. The project also includes a rooftop infinity pool that cascades down to the entry and splits the development between the two inhabitants.